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Preferred Seat Award

Relax and enjoy more space with our preferred seat award. You can now choose where you want to sit and use your mileage to pay for your favorite seat on Ethiopian Airlines flights.

Preferred Seat Award Change

Preferred seats with extra leg space are available for pre-booking subject to availability, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.

Discover how many miles you need preferred seat award.

Select Region *

  1. The Americas: Includes Chicago, Huston, Newark, New York city, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo.
  2. Europe: includes Athens, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna.
  3. Asia: includes Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kula Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, New Delhi, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore.
  4. Middle East: Includes Amman, Bahrain, Beirut, Cairo, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh, Tel Aviv.
  5. Africa Fifth Freedom: Flights between Dakar & Bamako, Abidjan & Conakry, Libreville & Yaoundé, Cotonou & Conakry, Bujumbura & Kigali, Juba & Entebbe, Douala & Malabo, Entebbe & Goma.
  6. Europe Fifth Freedom: Flights between Oslo & Stockholm, Vienna & Geneva.
  7. Asia Fifth Freedom: Flights between Hong-Kong & Bangkok, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, Seoul & Tokyo.

  • Premium seat award is available on flights marketed and operated by ET
  • The charge is per person and per flight segment.
  • A selected seat is non-endorsable and non-transferable between passengers.
  • The seat option is associated with an ET flight number and must be used on the day of departure of the flight for which the member has redeemed the premium seat.
  • If a change is made for operational, mechanical or safety reasons (including a change of aircraft), as part of the regular change/protection process, the system will automatically assign a seat with the same characteristics, depending on availability. When there is no availability to reserve the same seat, the applicable number of miles will be refunded to the member account.
  • Premium seat award is non-refundable, except in the following situations:
  1. A similar seat cannot be assigned if change is made for operational, mechanical or safety reasons (including a change of aircraft).
  2. Due to unforeseen causes (illness, disability, e t c) or other fatalities (duly verified) that prevent the use of the service.
  3. The pre-assigned seat is not available.
  4. The award user does not comply with the conditions to use the seat at the emergency exit.

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